15.000 LRC Tokens Giveaway by Kriptomat & Loopring.

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The Multiverse enabled, regulated European cryptocurrency exchange Kriptomat in partnership with Loopring Decentralized exchange protocol launched a giveaway of 15,000 LRC tokens to celebrate the beginning of their collaboration. The LRC token is the native cryptocurrency of the Loopring platform and the giveaway will run from April 23rd to May 23rd, 2019.

The LRC token is listed in Coinmarketcap and it’s worth $0.067 at the time of writing this article.


This is how the tokens will be distributed.

5600 LRC tokens are distributed among the first 300 participants who completed all the tasks in the gleam campaign.

4200 LRC tokens are distributed among the 200 participants who collect the most points/extra points – referring a friend.

2800 LRC tokens are distributed among all participants in the giveaway (2800 divided by the number of participants = sum of received tokens).

The particular giveaway is also a celebration of the Loopring Protocol 3.0 which offers higher throughput & lower costs as well as apparent immediate settlement.

About Kriptomat

The fast-growing regulated European exchange is one of the best and secured cryptocurrency platforms to trade and store your cryptos. With a friendly user interface specifically designed for non-experienced users, Kriptomat aims to become one of the biggest exchanges all over Europe.

Kriptomat is gamifying the user experience in a unique way using Enjin’s blockchain technology.

Kriptomat users will be able to earn ERC-1155 tokens by trading on the platform and use them in various Multiverse games, creating with that way a network of interconnected games, the Kriptomat Multiverse. For more information, you should read this article.

Founded in early 2018, Kriptomats core values are trust, transparency, and security. They do serve thousands of customers across all EEA countries and their platform is translated into 20 languages, making it ideal for non-tech savvy people to begin their journey into the crypto world.

Kriptomat STO

Watch this great video and learn more about Kriptomat and their STO offering.

The fully compliant security token by Kriptomat will be an ERC token and it will offer 8% of revenue sharing and 4% of profit sharing via dividends to all holders.

This great development move will give the incentive to users to further promote Kriptomat and be part of their great company. The Kriptomat STO will begin this May and everyone interested should first get whitelisted.

Read this article for more information.


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