A1 Fighters – The Evolution of Chibi Fighters

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With two roller coaster announcements yesterday, Garry, the lead developer of Chibi Fighters announced the termination of Chibi Fighters game due to lack of funding. Minutes after, a follow-up announcement stated that there might be a way for Chibies to run on the same server with A1 Fighters.

Regardless out of the outcome, whether Chibi Fighters will close its doors or not, A1 will make up for Chibi Fighters players through profit-sharing and other features that you can find in the official announcement.

A1 Fighters

The platform features a 2D battle royale game where players compete for various airdrops from third-party games. Its main purpose is to promote other games while players earn in-game stuff and Cryptocurrencies through competing others.

To begin with, A1 Fighters will support Ethereum and TRON blockchains, followed soon after by EOS and NEO.

There are going to be a lot of airdrops for every participant and Garry asked the community to shill A1 Fighters all the way long, there might be a big drop for Chibi players also by the end of the year. On October 1st, which is the start date of A1 Fighters, profit-sharing will take place along with a presale to fund the game.

Sponsored drops A1 FIGHTERS

The game will feature 6 customizable champions with different classes to fight in battle royal games. There will be several winners as cryptocurrencies can be divided, with exceptions for in-game assets.

In overall, A1 Fighters looks like a promising platform for gaming advertisement and fun user engagement.

Head over to the A1 Fighters website and learn more.

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