Aftermath Island Token Logo Creation Contest With Big Rewards

The upcoming TRON blockchain game Aftermath Islands is hosting a token logo creation contest where community members can get creative and design their own token logo for great in-game rewards.

The contest started on 26/11/2018 and it will end on 10 of December 2018 at 9:00PM PST. Everyone who is interested has 6 more days to join the competition.

The developers will choose 5 creations and afterwards, they will put them for a public vote by the community.

Token Logo Prizes

1st Place: 100,000 Aftermath Islands Tokens and an Oasis Island.

2nd to 5th Place: 25,000 Aftermath Islands Tokens and a Refuge Island for each selected winner.

Participants must send their unique creation to aftermathislands(a) with their name and title LOGO CREATION.

Aftermath islands Wallet Preview
Wallet Preview in Aftermath Islands

What is Aftermath Islands?

Aftermath Islands is an upcoming strategic role-playing blockchain game based on the TRON Network with a concept similar to Tropico. There are island ownerslandownerspirates, and a decentralized economy.

A whole new world of opportunities and digital experiences is presented to us through Aftermath Islands, this new blockchain game has recently completed the pre-sale campaign, in which, players were able to buy Islands and jump-start once the game releases.

The first playable version of the game is scheduled for release in February 2019.

Until the game is released, developers have released some mini-games to play for fun. Why don’t you try them out?

Notice: Never spend more than you can afford to loose, Aftermath Islands isn’t ready yet and there is no guarantee the developers will deliver the project.