Aftermath Islands Mini-Games To Play

New Mini Games from Aftermath Islands blockchain Game

The upcoming Blockchain Game Aftermath Islands has released a new mini-game in addition to the three others that already have been released.

The mini-game is similar to slots in casinos, featuring items from the Aftermath Islands.

Play Now and Have Fun

The team behind the upcoming Tron Based Blockchain game has also released other mini-games prior to the launch of the Aftermath Islands.

The mini-games are off-chain and for fun only.

What is Aftermath Islands?

Based on the TRON Network, Aftermath Islands is an RPG game where you can build your own colony, own island and compete with other players.

The game features a number of interesting elements like governing your own island, forming societies, fighting against pirates and much more.

The first playable version of the game is scheduled for release in February 2019.

Aftertmath Islands – Tropico on the Blockchain

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