Asteroid Rush Presale is Live – MMO Strategy Blockchain Game

Asteroid Rush is an economic MMO strategy blockchain game, currently under pre-sale with a 50% discount in the Legendary Founder’s Kit for 8 more days. Players can develop the asteroid belt and mine space resources by assembling a crew. The crew can be used to fight in PvP battles or to mine space resources in asteroids. Crews are upgradable as units.

A smart game, for smart players.

Colonists, or cards, are the crew members you can get from the presale, each one has a unique job, appearance, rarity level, professional and personal skills.

The rarer the qualification level of your colonists, the better their performance will be while high qualification levels unlock new jobs and perks.

Colonists come in common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary rarities. They mine resources on asteroids, the battle against others for the best loot, or generate valuable experience by working at the station.

Seems realy interesting that in-game, the AR Inc., provides certain services at the station, such as living essentials, healthcare, and life insurance for all workers.

Asteroid Rush, is all about surviving in the belt. By controling a crew of prospectors, players decide through a variety of options such as selecting asteroids to undertake, financial managment and hiring other prospectors to execute contracts.

In the end, what matters is the mined resources from the asteroids that players can sell to freight ships that come from earth or bases located on mars and moon.

Asteroid Rush colonist blockchaingame crypto mmo gaming

All the in-game assets are stored on the blockchain so users have the true ownership of their items. The resources obtained can be exchanged for AR Credits and playes can invest them in their crews and account. By completing quests players can obtain asteroid mining patents which are also tradable assets. Pi-Astro token is the universal currency in AR Inc.

Currently, Asteroid Rush is hosting the pre-sale where players and investors can purchase Founder’s Kits and Pi-Astro tokens to jumpstart in the game and become a Pioneer Founder member.

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The Legendary Founder’s Kit is 50% off and can be acquired for
0.92 ETH ($128)
. The particular kit guarantees Legendary crew members, 1300 Tokens, a pet license, VIP status for 3 months, 3 consumer kits and a captain founder badge!

Asteroid Rush Presalepacks blockchaingame crypto mmo gaming
Coin and Various Kits in the presale of Asteroid Rush.

Founder’s Kit comes in four different types: standard, rare, epic, and legendary and can be purchased using Pi-Astro tokens, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS.

For 0.07 ETH ($10) you can acquire the Standard Founder’s Kit which contains 55 Tokens and some crew members varying in rarity.

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