Axies in Chibi Fighters? Yes!!!

Axies here, Chibis there, looks like love is in the air...

Players in Chibi Fighters can now summon Axies!
Players in Chibi Fighters can now summon Axies!

A new exciting feature was just added to the popular blockchain game Chibi Fighters!

Axie owners from the popular Axie Infinity blockchain game can now summon their favorite Axie in Chibi Fighters as a cosmetic companion in battles.

The summoned Axie is just a pet in Chibi Fighters, which means that there are no benefits of using it in the fight.

In case you don’t own an Axie, or you have larva and eggs only, a random Axie will be generated by the game for you!

Watch the video demonstrating how Axies are shown in Chibi Fighters.

Chibi Fighters with a tweet on November 4th announced that every new player will get a free Chibi to start the game, making Chibi Fighters free-to-play and more attractive to blockchain gamers.

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