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BCNEX: $25 in XRP Airdrop For Everyone!

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We don’t usually share Exchanges airdrops like this one, but when the deal is good, why miss it? Here is your chance to get $25 in Ripple (XRP) by following simple steps and completing KYC.

Bcnex is a trading platform able to process 2million orders per second. It has raised $11m during its ICO and is giving $2m worth of XRP back in airdrops. This event is to celebrate the official launch of their exchange and the airdrop program begins from June 16, 2019(GMT+7) until all the $2m set aside for airdrops have been expended.

What you need to do

You will be brought to a new page.

Bcnex 5steps

Each task completed entitles you to receive $5 worth of XRP. The rewards will be sent to your XRP address when Bcnex ICO ends in in Late July. Do take note you will need to complete your KYC in order to withdraw your tokens!


This post is in no way advertising for the exchange or investment advice. We are not responsible for any losses incurred while dealing with the exchange. $25 might help some get an extra chest in a presale or just some extra cash to hold while the market growths. Always do your own research.

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