BitGolf – The 3D Crypto Games Launches Second Round of Presale

bitgolf blockchain game

The second pre-sale of the items used in BitGolf, a full 3D blockchain game provided by VX NETWORK.,Ltd. (CEO Michael C. Chung) is going on.

Item presales is a general item sales method in blockchain-based games. Items are sold at a discounted price in advance, and recorded in a blockchain, so that the user owns the assets of the game. The service provider can increase the pre-promotion effect and the early buyer can get various benefits with the opportunity to acquire the items at a lower cost than other users due to the limited period of item presales.

The second presales period is from December 19 to December 31, and the presales end prematurely when items previously prepared are exhausted. During the second presales period, the company sells golfclub items and costumes as well as newly added higher grade golf clubs, costumes and golf courses in addition to the existing golf club items and costumes. VX NETWORK., Ltd. will launch the game service in January after the presales of all items.

Item sales take place on the presale website ( and purchase GLF token by creating an account after accessing the website and paying with Bitcoin and Ethereumusing the electronic wallet provided by VX Network. This presale is good news for users who are looking for an opportunity to acquire the items for the most spotlight blockchain game, BitGolf, at a discounted price.

The items to be sold are golf clubs (driver, wood, long iron, short iron, wedge, putter) and costumes(cap, glasses, tops, bottoms, gloves and shoes). Itemgrades have common, pro, master, and newly added champion grades. Golf clubs affect the user’s power and control abilities,which can improve the range and accuracy of the ball.Costumesaffect charm and mental abilities.

Common, Pro, and Master grade items are sold at fixed prices, such as the first presales, and the new champion grade can be purchased through an auction. Champion grade items from the auction are randomly selected, and the product update cycle is every 12 hours.

There is a new golf course share in the second presales period. When a user purchases a share of a golf course, VX NETWORK., Ltd. will pay a GLF token for 6% of the total golf course fee that the user purchased for a week on the golf course for a fee. Payments can be paid up to 60%, and the ratios can be changed. The share sale will be sold by the auction system once every 24 hours, 10 times in total 10 days.

There are a variety of items available for pre-sale period. There are 30% discount on item sale price, an event to receive pre-sale items, a special bonus reward equivalent to the amount of GLF token used when purchasing items, and a special bonus for friend invitation.

There are various special meanings of BitGolf items presale. By purchasing items in the game earlier than other users, you can increase your winning rate and broaden your choices in game operation, helping you enjoy more freedom in games. In addition, all products are sold in limited quantities and are available for trade after service, which is expected to have potential profitability as the rare value of the products rises.

VXnetwork serves games on a blockchain platform, VX coins can be used in future games as well. By the first quarter of next year, a total of five games will be available on the VX platform. As the number of games and gamers increase, the demand for VX coins will increase, and the value of VX coins will gradually increase.

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