BlaCat provides a blockchain game platform   built based on NEO technology and the SDK (Software Development Kit). It enables users to play a blockchain game like a conventional video game but without needing to perform a series of complex operations on things such as a wallet or exchange. For the conventional game developer, our platform will allow them to be seamlessly interfaced with blockchain technology.

BlaCat platform is negotiating with the winning teams of the NEO game competition. It will bring over 27 high-quality DApps to the platform in its early stages.

BlaCat will build a decentralized blockchain type ‘Steam like’ game platform where users have the ability to comment on, share and recommend games. Different than centralized game platforms, the rendering of all games and contents on the BlaCat game platform will be determined by an on-chain algorithm.

BlaCat platform has announced that their airdrop event will be launched from October 17th to October 19th

Each user can obtain 50 BCP Tokens, the platform token which can be used circulated to all supported games.