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Our readers are blockchain gamers, true believers of decentralization, making them perfect for your project.

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We have established our presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others.

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We share our contant to a selection of centralized & decentralized publications. Moreover, other media outlets re-post our content on selective basis.

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We are on Telegram with various groups and channels as well as on Discord, Steam and other platforms.

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We receive thousands of website hits each month and even more pageviews with the majority of our traffic coming from the US and Europe.

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Proud of our partners, we continue strong and establish new, meaningful partnerships.

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Submit your Press Release and get it featured on our website, including our social media.

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Bring your game onboard. Let us cover your news, updates and other things worth sharing.


Let the blockchain gamers learn in-depth your game or platform. We take on reviews & guides.

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Youtube is the second search engine worldwide. Egamers can create video content for your game and platform.

Social Media Sharing

Blockchain Gamers use social media platforms to consume news and other forms of content.


Airdrop in-game NFTs to our users and grow both your playersbase and social media.

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Showcase your game or platform with a sidewide banner on our website.

Consultant & Guidance

Are you developing a new game and looking for reliable partners? Let us guide you.

They say about us

No, we didn't sent them free pizza for these testimonials.

I first met George and the team at an event in the Ukraine, where we instantly got to chatting about blockchain games and dapps. I liked the team, the energy they had, and the positivity for the industry. We have collaborated on several occasions since, and I've always enjoyed their professionalism and speed. These guys know games!

Ian Kane

Head of Communications at DappRadar has been a leading publication in the blockchain game space for many years now. Their stories are insightful and authentic. I have always found them to be ahead of the curve on the gaming news of the day. I'm an avid reader of their content, and I predict they will continue delivering this level of professionalism for years to come.

Simon Kertonegoro

VP of Marketing at Enjin

Egamers is a pioneer in the space and one of my primary resources to stay up-to-date on everything happening in the Blockchain Gaming space. Love the passion that George and his team bring every day to the table and help push the blockchain gaming community forward."

Karel Striegel

CEO at Arkane Network

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