Blockchain Gaming Digest 1 – 7 June

Blockchain Gaming Digest 1 - 7 June

Welcome to another blockchain gaming weekly news by A briefing digest with some of the latest gaming news.

Splinterlands and Crypto Dynasty continues to be the most played games along with Upland for this week.
Let’s take a look at the hottest news that occurred this week.

9Lives Arena Review – Guide From Noob to Level 30

9Lives Arena Review and Guide From Noob to Level 30

Check out a complete guide of a warrior’s journey from noob to Level 30 by Meltelbrot9Lives Arena is a fantasy PvP combat game powered by the Enjin blockchain and part of the multiverse connected games. 

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The First Sale Sold Out, The Second One Going Strong For LEAGUE OF KINGDOMS

maxresdefault 2

The upcoming strategy game on the Ethereum blockchain League of Kingdoms is hosting a Land sale with discounts. The game’s user base is growing fast as a playable version is coming soon, and early adopters rush to buy Lands with discounts. Land Tokens are ERC-721 real estate blockchain assets that will offer benefits and crypto rewards to Landowners.

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The Sandbox MoonSale is Live

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The Sandbox is hosting a unique Land sale called the Moonsale. The Moonsale is separate from the regular rounds of land sale and features ESTATES from ATARI, PONG, RollerCoaster Tycoon & others with a 20% discount.

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My Crypto Saga Battle Beta Test is Coming Soon

My Crypto Saga battle beta test is coming on June 10th

My Crypto Saga is a new game on the Ethereum blockchain and part of the MCH+ ecosystem with a strong connection to MCH, and it’s assets. The game will host a battle beta test on June 10th (Wed) ~ 14th (Sun), and a Trial Cup PVP tournament inside My Crypto Heroes. Every Landowner in MCH can participate in the battle beta test.

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Games From The Block: Vladimir Tomko From Blockchain Cuties Universe

The first podcast of our new series called Games From The Block is out. In this one, George is having an in-depth talk with Vladimir Tomko about the future of the Blockchain Cuties Universe.

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Mint ERC-1155 Tokens on Demand With WordPress & Nifty Basket


Developed by MyMetaverse, Nifty Basket is a WordPress plugin that mints ERC-1155 Ethereum tokens on demand and can be used by any Website using WordPress. Did you know that there are more than 455 Million WordPress Websites out there?

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The COCOS DAPP “Dragons Must Die” Internal Test Is Officially Live

cocos dapp

The Chinese version of the card blockchain game Dragons Must Die, is officially live on the Cocos-BCX MainNet. The English version is coming soon.

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