BlockCities – Sim City on The Blockchain

Do you find your self complaining about your city and how it looks? Don’t even bother, in BlockCities you can build your own, and it belongs to you, not to everyone!

But wait a minute, that’s not all! BlockCities is designed for creative minds who like to go wild. Inspiration is a must, love for building games is another requirement. Combine these two and get the ultimate result!

Welcome to the World of BlockCities

BlockCities is a city-building and architecture game on the Ethereum network where players collect tiny crypto buildings inspired by real-life structures from across the world. You can buy, sell, and of course construct while creating a whole city by adding roads, transit systems, and parks. Sounds familiar? Welcome to the indie Sim City!

Super-looking buildings are waiting to be claimed, happy citizens are around the corner, enjoying family time with ice cream in the park, and you might profit out of it!

By using the Mystery Machine, you can acquire unique Special Edition Gradient buildings. These buildings will never be produced again, so we are talking about extremely rare in-game assets with a total supply of 1! Architects can build one-of-a-kind collectible buildings, collect rare drops, and snag the classics. Classic buildings are replicas of real-world structures with exactly the same features in a BlockCities’ iconic style.

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All buildings are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and gamers have true ownership of their in-game assets. You can trade or sell them in decentralized exchanges such as OpenSea, you can gift them to a friend, or just hold them and own forever your favorite building in the world.

Start Building Now

BlockCities Series 2

After successfully Launching the BlockCities Mystery Machine back in April, the community built more than 1400 buildings. Now the game is back with additional features including new buildings, new rooftops, new classic limited edition buildings, as well as a live online demo.

In the Demo, you can take a taste of the future development where buildings will be integrated directly into the endless map to building mini-cities in a Playground style environment.

BlockCities x MarbleCards Treasure Hunt

A brand new co-op begins tomorrow, 14 of August, between BlockCities and MarbleCards. The first one to build or find a BlockCities “Crypto Building” and Marble it on MarbleCards, wins! There are seven buildings hidden in the Mystery Machine.

Watch out the Eras

There is still time to collect buildings from the Modern era, the spark of everything! Special buildings can be found that are well known around the world with a higher collectors value.

  • The Modern Era: In the Modern Era, which is currently active, players can get modern buildings from around the United States.
  • The Art Deco Era:  First appeared in France, the Deco Era influenced the whole world across all industries. Once it becomes available, you will be able to acquire artsy buildings such as the Empire State Building, the  Chrysler Building and other skyscrapers of New York built during the 1920s and 1930s, which are considered monuments of the Art Deco style.
  • The Mystery Era: We don’t have a single clue of what this will be. All we know is the following: Spanish Revival, Classical, Brutalist, so many options! Help us choose the next collection.

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