CardMaker Blockchain UGC Game

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Editors note 2/1/2021: The particular game is not playable any more.

Meet CardMaker an Indie UGC game on the NEO blockchain with an official partnership with Cocos-BCX.

CardMaker has won in various competitions such as the first prize in the NEO Blockchain Black Horse Competition 2018, Best Game Award & Most Popular Award in the first NEO Blockchain Development Competition 2018, Top 10 Blockchain Game in Golden-Tea Award 2019 and Sina Game Award in CGWR 2019.

CardMaker Blockchain UGC Game

CardMaker is accessible in two modes the Cake Town and the Nature Town. The Cake Town is the first mode developed, an instance of the game built on the Ethereum network while the Nature Town is built on NEO with an event currently going on. Each town is independent but players will be able to trade with each other, once Nature Town goes live.

What Can You do in CardMaker?

  • Form your own story, in the Ruguelike Mod, different choices will lead to different outcomes of the storyline.
  • Battle using a familiar and simple to use card strategy gameplay. Fast combat gameplay, big selection of lineups to rule your team in victory.
  • Generate your own content by designing your own cards and story modules!
  • Participate in a decentralized economy with DeFI and Staking.
CardMaker Blockchain UGC Game

CardMaker Event

While Nature Town is not yet available to play, there is an event going that you might want to participate. CardMaker is giving away NEO to participants and the current event is a warm-up to the upcoming Nature Town. You can stake 1 NEO and become eligible for NEO Rewards during the event. Neo is staked and not transferred to them, so you don’t actually pay to participate. You will also receive CAKE rewards, the in-game currency. Event details can be found here.

CardMaker Blockchain UGC Game

About The NEO Integration

Nature Town mode will be a (Staking) Free to Play game, with a large number of NEO mining pools where players will be able to mine NEO. Before we proceed with more details, make sure you check the video.

CardMaker takes the path of strategy game playable in any modern device. Players can create their own cards as well as roles and modules and generate own content. The game features a mining mode, a multi-town sharing economy system, as well as a finance system. Behind the pixel graphics, CardMaker hides complex gameplay with tons of stuff to do.

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