Silica Nexus Partners With MyThereum TCG Game

The upcoming XR (Cross-Reality) Project Silica Nexus, which is currently holding their DROID token IEO on LAToken added MyThereum TCG game in their ecosystem as the third addition after Crypt-Oink and Ether...
Infinity Star & MakerDao partnership

Infinity Star Partners with MakerDao

The new blockchain game, Infinity Star by Nodebrick announced a collaboration with MakerDao which will open up a lot of opportunities to both communities. Infinity Start adopted DAI stablecoin...
Knightlands Imperial Bazaar Presale

Knightlands Kicks-off Imperial Bazaar Presale

The newest TRON game, Knightlands, that we recently introduced to you has begun with the presale phase and you can acquire loot boxes for as low as 500TRX. ($7.50)
Neo & Arkane Network Cooperation

Neo & Arkane Network Cooperation.

Arkane Network, a Wallet as-a-service, and Blockchain API/SDK provider recently teamed up with NEO Blockchain. Arkane can help projects and blockchain with their solid tools and lower the entry barrier for new...
Skullys blockchain pirate game

Skullys – Pirate Adventures With Geo Location

Avast! Time to let your digital collectibles walk the plank and get a $50 Skully. It's time for Skullys to shine! Arrrggghhh!! Pin your geo-location, swap NFTs for Skullys...

Enjin Welcomes Caleb Applegate as COO

Enjin's newest addition is not a game, but Caleb Applegate, a successful entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience and a proven track record of achievements across various industries, including gaming.
nolelegends blockchain tron game

NoleLegends Charity TRON Game

Meet NoleLegends, a game that raises environmental awareness with a charity character on the TRON blockchain. The game will offer a farming experience while also delivering a message to the world about...
Splinterlands achieves 1 million transactions in USD

Splinterlands Achieves $1M Transactions Between Players

Splinterlands, one of the most popular blockchain TCG Games released an interesting fact about the current status of the game as they reached a mind-blowing milestone of transactions made between players. Until...

NeoWorld 2.0 Business Update

NeoWorld is a well-funded game with an overwhelming community of players in Asia and abroad. The recent Business Update created excitement for the future of the game and we have all the...
Knightlands - TRON RPG With Profit Sharing

Knightlands – TRON RPG With Profit Sharing

Today we have a special game for you! It's called Knightlands, and its an upcoming TRON RPG Game with Profit Sharing. I know what you are thinking, do i...