Blockchain Gaming Digest 18-24 May

Blockchain Gaming Digest 18 – 24 May

Welcome to another blockchain gaming digest by League of Kingdoms Land sale is about to launch in a few hours, while...
League of Kingdoms Presale

League of Kingdoms Land Sale Goes Live on 25/5

The League of Kingdoms land sale is going live in around 10 hours from now (25/5/2020 00:00 UTC) with discounted prices in...
The Six Dragons VRF integration with Chainlink

The Six Dragons Integrate on-Chain Verified Randomness With Chainlink’s VRF

The Six Dragons is a popular RPG in the Gaming Multiverse as one of the most promising games. The early gameplay shows a...
Cryptonom Game powered by Enjin

Cryptonom Joins The Enjin Multiverse Ecosystem

Under development as a browser-based blockchain game using the  Enjin's SDK for Godot, Cryptonom is the newest addition to the Enjin's Multiverse project. While...
Smart games talk NFts and Play to earn

Smart Gamers talk NFTs and Play to Earn

Unless you woke up today from a coma, or you have nothing to do with gaming, you have probably seen the Play...

Splinterlands Move to HIVE Blockchain in June 1st

Splinterlands announced today the migration to Hive Blockchain after an unexpected Steem hard fork that is going to take place within the...
Blockchain Gaming Digest 11-17 May

Blockchain Gaming Digest 11 – 17 May 2020

Welcome to another blockchain gaming weekly digest by As always, many news occurred this week, and we are here to discuss...
Leauge of kingdoms land presale

League of Kingdoms Land Presale to Take Place This Month

The upcoming blockchain MMO strategy game League of Kingdoms announced the Land Presale at a discounted rate starting on May 25/2020. The game's launch...
Atari and Arkane Network Partnership

Atari Aligns With Arkane Network to Integrate Atari Token

Great news for the Blockchain Gaming community as Atari and Arkane Network join forces to boost the adoption of the Atari Token...
Splinterlands tournaments anytime

Anytime: New Splinterlands Tournaments Coming

By order of the Peaky Blinders community, Splinterlands announced the "Anytime" tournaments with elimination rounds similar to the standard Swiss format. Anytime...

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