LightNite: Low Poly Battle Royal on Bitcoin Lighting Network

LightNite: Low Poly Battle Royale on Bitcoin

Are you ready to shoot your way to earn Bitcoin? LightNite is a battle royale game similar to Fortnite with Bitcoin's lightning network integration. Before we say more about the...

Vibe or Die – Multi Platform FPS Blockchain Game

Vibe or Die is a Multiplayer FPS blockchain game that integrates VIBE, NEO, ETH, and BNB cryptocurrencies. Players earn crypto every time they kill an opponent and vice versa. How confident are...

First Look of Pizza Heroes Gameplay – TRON 3D Game

The Beta version of Pizza Heroes is approaching, and Dapp Evolution released the first gameplay teaser. The video features clips from the defense mode, the first one that will become available.

ChainBreakers Trial of Artemis Sale

ChainBreakers is a game that we frequently lookout for since it was first introduced to the public. Now it's time for the Trial of Artemis Pet Sale with only 630 Pets available...
Spirit Clash Presale

TCG Spirit Clash Presale is Live

With a new blog post, the Trading Card Game Spirit Clash released new information regarding the gameplay as well as the future of the game, including the anticipated Presale, which is now...
ChainGuardiands Silica Nexus Partnership

ChainGuardians Joins The Silica Nexus Ecosystem

The upcoming blockchain game ChainGuardians is the newest addition to the Silica Nexus Ecosystem as the development of the platform continues in full throttle. ChainGuardians is an anime infused... invests in Enjin Coin

Blockchain.Com Ventures Invests Into Enjin

A Great day for the Multiverse and the blockchain gaming in general as Ventures has made an equity investment into Enjin, and now the company aims higher than ever!
Forest Knight Early Access

Play Forest Knight Early Access

Exciting times for the Multiverse as the Forest Knight Early Access version is now available for Android devices and everyone can start playing! Chrono Games call all Knights to assemble and take...
Age of Rust Early Pre-Alpha Demo

Age of Rust Early Pre-Alpha Demo

The Multiverse powered blockchain game Age of Rust announced today that early adopters can finally have a first taste of the game. As of today holders of the Age of Rust MFT,...
Axie Infinity Partnered With Samsung Blockchain Wallet

Axie Infinity Partnered With Samsung Blockchain Wallet

Huge news from the fantasy collectible game Axie Infinity as Samsung added support for the game to their Blockchain Wallet. Players can now trade Axies and battle directly through the Samsung Blockchain...