Enjin Marketplace

Enjin Marketplace is Live! Buy & Sell Items Instantly With Ease

The highly anticipate Enjin Marketplace launched today and now gamers can trade their ERC-1155 assets without having to rely on trading channels....
Silica Nexus Continues Development Progress Across All Fields

Silica Nexus Continues Development Progress Across All Fields

September has been another great month for Silica Nexus as the development progress continues, bringing the Cross-Reality platform a step closer to...
a1 fighters

A1 Fighters – The Evolution of Chibi Fighters

With two roller coaster announcements yesterday, Garry, the lead developer of Chibi Fighters announced the termination of Chibi Fighters game due to...
Animoca Brands Official MOTO GP crypto game

MotoGP Manager Game is coming on The Blockchain

Animoca Brands secured three-year global licensing rights from Dorna Sports in order to bring MotoGP on the blockchain. The launch is expected...
Kingdoms Beyond

Kingdoms Beyond Founder Sale

Limited edition heroes are now available in the Kingdoms Beyond Founder Sale. The sale is taking place in three phases and those...
Decntraland Assets

Custom Asset Packs in Decentraland

Custom Asset Packs are now available and players can create their own unique 3D Decentraland Assets. All you need is your imagination...
Gods Unchained Raises 15$ Million dollars

Gods Unchained Raised $15M & Continue Non-Stop Development

One thing we can say for sure is that developers of Gods Unchained won't drop the game due to lack of funds....
Cropbytes farm game

CropBytes, A Crypto Based Farm Simulation Game

CropBytes is a highly anticipated game in the crypto world right now. A game for all players and ages the free to...
mchs mycryptoheroess

MCH S – The Evolution of MyCryptoHeroes & New Roadmap

Great news for all the MCH players as the game presented a lot of additions and an extended roadmap in the TokyoBlockchainGame...

Dissolution Joins Silica Nexus Ecosystem

Silica Nexus continues adding games in their ecosystem with the popular FPS Multiverse game "Dissolution" to be the newest addition. The IEO...

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