Bringing Fashion to the Blockchain: ERC-1155 Authenticity Tokens

We are happy to officially launch our Global Guerillas merchandise store. A place to grab exclusive apparel from the GG brand representing the upcoming social sharing game--Global Guerillas.

New Enjin Wallet Update & Massive Ongoing Airdrops by Enjin Coin

Great news again from the Enjin camp which announced a new wallet update along with multiple major giveaways for the Enjin Network users. Enjin was founded back in 2009,...

Have You Seen The New EnjinX ERC-1155 Trailer?

Great things are happening in the Enjin Camp. With the new upcoming ERC-1155 Update, users will be able to search and validate all ERC-1155 assets including items from the...
Unity, the world’s most popular game engine and home to over 4.5 million developers, will add the Blockchain SDK by Enjin to the front page of the Unity Asset Store—providing Unity developers with the tools to create and integrate powerful Ethereum-based assets with ease.

Enjin Coin & Unity 3D Engine – Soon to a Game Near You

The day that Enjin Blockchain SDK will be featured in the front page of Unity Engine Asset Store is approaching as Enjin Coin, the leading gaming cryptocurrency has announced that it's Testnet...