Silica Nexus Continues Development Progress Across All Fields

Silica Nexus Continues Development Progress Across All Fields

September has been another great month for Silica Nexus as the development progress continues, bringing the Cross-Reality platform a step closer to the blockchain community and specifically, the blockchain gamers.
a1 fighters

A1 Fighters – The Evolution of Chibi Fighters

With two roller coaster announcements yesterday, Garry, the lead developer of Chibi Fighters announced the termination of Chibi Fighters game due to lack of funding. Minutes after, a follow-up announcement stated that...

Blockade Games Release Game Development Platform

Blockade Games, known for the upcoming title "Neon District" recently announced their own game developer platform! The development platform does not rely on a new blockchain, Blockade builds a...
Neo & Arkane Network Cooperation

Neo & Arkane Network Cooperation.

Arkane Network, a Wallet as-a-service, and Blockchain API/SDK provider recently teamed up with NEO Blockchain. Arkane can help projects and blockchain with their solid tools and lower the entry barrier for new...
Silica Nexus July Updates

An Overview of Silica Nexus Development in July

The ambitious ready-player-one project, Silica Nexus, accelerates in all fields, both development, and marketing. Today we present you a recap of what happened the last month in the Silica Nexus XR camp.
arkane network 0xGames

Arkane Network Partners with 0xGames to Make User-Friendly Games

The Arkane Network teamed up with 0xGames to offer better user experience and ease of use. This move makes it easier for non-blockchain gamers to jump into the amazing world of crypto...
beyond horizon minting

Beyond Horizon Launches $10 Minting Service

Beyond Horizon, a new groundbreaking blockchain company launches a $10 Cryptocurrency minting service for fungible and non-fungible tokens on and to further improve the ease of minting blockchain-based assets and...
Silica nexus the interview

Silica Nexus: The Interview

The past few days I had the pleasure to discuss with Ja Rouge from Silica Nexus and learn everything about the XR project under development from the Convergence of 4 Dimensions LLC...

NEO EcoBoost – $100M to Support Dapp Development

NEO, the Open Network For Smart Economy is a blockchain platform powered by the NEO cryptocurrency that uses smart contracts and NFTs. As we have reported in the past, NEO introduced...
xaya game channels

XAYA Released Game Channels Technology

The XAYA gaming blockchain breaks through with the use of Game Channels that are now available for any blockchain game developer! Game channels, as described by Daniel Kraft, are private channels...