IOTA social media

IOTA’s New Decentralized Social Media Project

There is no question that social networks have revolutionized the way we communicate by eliminating the distance gap. It doesn't matter where...

The RHOAM Genesis Items Sale Offers Some Exclusive Benefits & Profit Sharing

Following the MFT Presale, the RHOAM Genesis hotlist is now open, and more information is available for the ERC-1155 in-game items sale.
rhoam mft

The RHOAM MFT Sale Goes Live Tomorrow – Everything You Need to Know

RHOAM was introduced to the multiverse gaming community earlier in August. Since then, we know that both RHOVIT (rewarding social platform) and...
rhovit erc1155 smart contract rhoam game

RHOVIT's Big Plans & the New ERC1155 Smart Contract

The rewarding blockchain-based platform RHOVIT is getting ready for 2020 with tons of updates and the launch of the Multiverse game RHOAM. Earlier today, they...
Rbit shop by rhovit

Use Rbit Shop to Get Discounted Blockchain Games Assets & Earn Rewards

The rewarding platform RHOVIT launched recently the official Store called "Rbit Shop" and now everyone can claim in-game assets, fungible tokens, digital...

RHOVIT to Launch The Rbit Shop

The reward-based content platform RHOVIT released some great news about their integration in the blockchain gaming. Not only the highly anticipated marketplace...

Meltelbrot #13 – One doesn’t battle nude, so get equipped with CryptoFights! Talking freebies,...

Will you be equipped to enter the battleground? Today, I’m chatting with Adam,...
Nimses - Basic Income & Social Media

Nimses – Basic Income & Social Media

I was talking about cryptogalaxy on LIT Social Media when a follower shared Nimses with me. My first impression was excitement, 1 million downloads...

LIT Social Media: Mine your Mithril

Lit - Mine Your Mithril is a new Decentralized Social Media Application available for Android & iPhone users with over 20.000 Downloads and a respectable amount...

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