Interview with Forest Knight blockchain multiverse game by Meltoid

Meltelbrot #4 – A Forest Knight’s quest to change the landscape of gaming. Author's notes: Please note this interview was conducted pre X-mas. I do this for a hobby, and freelance for community interest. Big ups to eGamers for...
Interview with score 11 developer Felix from Flixy Studios

Meltelbrot #3 – Interview with Felix, Developer of Score 11

An interview with Felix, Lead Developer of Score 11, a fantasy cricket sports game of Enjin's Multiverse.
Interview with Crypto Fights Melterbrot #2 by Meltoid

Meltelbrot #2 – An Interview With David Schiller, Community Manager of Cryptofights

Meltelbrot is a series of Multiverse based articles aiming to introduce and keep you up to speed on what developers, and the general Enjin community alike, are creating within the Enjin Multiverse...
Interview with ERC-1155 Traders

Meltelbrot #1 – Multi-interview with the Traders of the ERC1155 Multiverse Tokens

Welcome to the first article of The Meltelbrot Series. Melterbrot is a series of Multiverse based articles aiming to introduce and keep you up to speed on what developers,...
Founders Badge by Blockchain Games Aeonclipse Giveaway Multiverse

Introducing Founders Badge – Our First Blockchain Asset & A Multiverse Giveaway

Such a day! We are pleased to announce the Founders Badge, our very first blockchain asset and what's a better way to celebrate, than hosting a party a giveaway of...
Enjin Beam QR Scanner & Giveaway

Enjin Beam – QR Scanner For Airdrops & Blockchain Games

We have highlighted a number of times the importance of mass adoption in Cryptocurrencies. They are meant to change the world, but only if society finds value, and ease of access.

An Interview With Jason Wishnov about Cryptic Conjure

Cryptic Conjure is a new 3D RPG Game based on ethereum blockchain. The game is under development Iridium Studios and will be published by Lucid Sights. If you haven't seen our Cryptic Conjure presentation, you...

Blockchain Gaming Industry & 5 Crypto Games to Watch

Not long ago, I joined the blockchain gaming industry by creating and starting playing crypto games. The blockchain (or crypto) game industry is immature and some standards need to be established. At the moment, the...