9Lives Arena Blockchain Game powered by ENJ.

9Lives Arena: Cross-platform PVP Game powered by ENJ

9 Lives Arena Game Aiming to be the first Cross-Platform Blockchain Game, the development team plans to bring you a unique PVP Experience in PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 9Lives Arena is the first RPG focusing...

Zugcoin Moves to POS, Swap is happening.

Good day to you guys, Zugcoin has done a lot of progress in Crypto Run Blockchain Game for Android since we first talked about it. The new map is awesome and it pushes the difficulty...

Playhall: Skills Quiz Mini Crypto Games Review

I stumble upon Playhall a couple of days ago and found this platform interesting so I decided to do a quick review of it. Playhall is working in such a way that participants could put...