Blankos 5000 SXSW Exclusive Champions Giveaway & an Awesome Trailer Revealed

The upcoming Crypto MMO dancing game Blankos Block Party has revealed a new exciting trailer showcasing some dance moves, graphics and gameplay footage. The first teaser of Blankos...

New Enjin Wallet Update & Massive Ongoing Airdrops by Enjin Coin

Great news again from the Enjin camp which announced a new wallet update along with multiple major giveaways for the Enjin Network users. Enjin was founded back in 2009,...

Age of Rust & Enjin Celebrates GDC With a Smoke Grenade Giveaway

The popular upcoming Multiverse game Age of Rust is hosting a gleam competition to celebrate this year's GDC Event. From March 20 to 22, GDC visitors will be able...

DECIMATED, Earn FREE Tokens in The First Survival Crypto Game

After the Civilization on earth has been destroyed, first-class citizens were permitted onto Mars while the unworthy left behind trying to survive in a collapsed world, finding their selfs in the middle...

Kriptomat Gamifies The User Experience Using Enjins Technology

A never seen before user gamification experience is under development by Kriptomat, a regulated European fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange with features and usability capable to challenge Coinbase.Utilizing Enjins's Technology, Kriptomat plans to offer various...

Celebrating our New Twitter With an Enjin Beam Giveaway!

Hello egamers :) The topic of today's special article is: egamersio --> egamers_io - that's right! We are at the unpleasant position to announce that...
niTron Summit in San Fransisco, giveaway for 5 tickets

niTROn Summit – 5 Tickets Giveaway to Our Readers

TRON is one of the fastest growing blockchain ecosystems in the industry, with the recent BitTorrent acquisition, the popular coin is now available to more than 105 Million users worldwide!
Exoplanets & Egamers giveaway

Giveaway: 1 Exoplanet by & ExoPlanets Crypto Game

Happy New Year Everyone. Let's Celebrate 2019 with an awesome Giveaway! The ExoPlanets game, based on real data by NASA is hosting with us a giveaway and one...
Cubego promotion for joining opensea decentralized market.

Cubego running Special Promotion & Giveaway as game market opening on OpenSea

Cubego announced today their collaboration with OpenSea to open character marketplace. Players can now trade Cubego characters called “Cubegon” for ETH or EMONT. (EMONT is ERC-20 token also used in Etheremon game)

$15,000 Competition from Color Shifter on December 15th

The Android game Color Shifter by Vishan Studios announced a competition for the blockchain gaming community where players are going to claim a prize pool of $15,000 by playing the game.