Dissolution God-Tier Sale

The Dissolution GOD-Tier Skin Sale Kicks off Today

Dissolution, the highly anticipated blockchain FPS/MMORPG, is hosting its first auction with 3 one-of-a-kind gun skins in 5 hours from now. (11 AM PST/ 7 PM GMT) What is Dissolution?
Dissolution God Tier skin

Everything We Know About The Dissolution GOD-Tier Skin Auction

The Multiverse FPS Game Dissolution revealed a skin image from the upcoming God-Tier skin auction through Twitter an hour ago. Following the sold-out MFT Sale, where 15,000 DFTs (MFTs) sold in less than 24 hours, the popular...

ChainBreakers Trial of Artemis Sale

ChainBreakers is a game that we frequently lookout for since it was first introduced to the public. Now it's time for the Trial of Artemis Pet Sale with only 630 Pets available...
chain clash presale

EOS 3D Game Chain Clash Announces Presale

Chain Clash is an upcoming free-to-play battle blockchain game on EOS platform. Players will collect and train fighters (avatars) while forming clans with like-minded gamers. An interesting fact of Chain...
Spirit Clash Presale

TCG Spirit Clash Presale is Live

With a new blog post, the Trading Card Game Spirit Clash released new information regarding the gameplay as well as the future of the game, including the anticipated Presale, which is now...
30,000 beta packs left splinterlands

Only 30,000 Splinterlands Beta Packs Left

Splinterlands Beta Packs are about to vanish. After the remaining cards are sold the game will never produce these cards again. Let's take a look at the current status of the current...
Kingdoms Beyond

Kingdoms Beyond Founder Sale

Limited edition heroes are now available in the Kingdoms Beyond Founder Sale. The sale is taking place in three phases and those heroes will never be available again. Each phase contains different...
Prospectors blockchain game eos

Prospectors New Land & Assets Presale

The MMO Economic Strategic game Prospectors is expanding its gameplay by adding a new map on Wax. Currently, there is an auction-style assets sale available featuring gold and tools. Prospectors new land...
Knightlands Imperial Bazaar Presale

Knightlands Kicks-off Imperial Bazaar Presale

The newest TRON game, Knightlands, that we recently introduced to you has begun with the presale phase and you can acquire loot boxes for as low as 500TRX. ($7.50)

Infinity Star Presale Begins 26 of August

The presale of the Korean Game Infinity Star starts tomorrow, 26 of August and players will be able to acquire loot-boxes that include various items that will be extremely difficult to get...