The First Sale Sold Out, The Second One Going Strong For Leauge of Kingdoms

After the first sold our sale, the upcoming 4x strategy game Leauge of Kingdoms is hosting the second round of land presale...

The Sandbox MoonSale is Live

The popular gaming platform on the Ethereum blockchain The Sandbox hosts a special event offering Land parcels with discounts. The Sandbox Moonsale...
League of Kingdoms Presale

League of Kingdoms Land Sale Goes Live on 25/5

The League of Kingdoms land sale is going live in around 10 hours from now (25/5/2020 00:00 UTC) with discounted prices in...
Leauge of kingdoms land presale

League of Kingdoms Land Presale to Take Place This Month

The upcoming blockchain MMO strategy game League of Kingdoms announced the Land Presale at a discounted rate starting on May 25/2020. The game's launch...
Brave Frontier Heroes Land Sale

The Brave Frontier Heroes land sale begins in 2 days

It's time for the most significant update in Brave Frontier Heroes as we approach the public Land sale. A gameplay element that...
CHAIN CLASH auction of celebrity avatars

Chain Clash Celebrities’ Avatars Auction – Play as John McAfee

Are you ready to play as JohnMcAfee? The upcoming free to play, fighting game Chain Clash hosts a celebrity auction with John McAfee, Brock...
Rhoam genesis asset sale third

RHOAM #3 Legendary Items Sale Ends in Three Days

RHOAM is an upcoming blockchain-based game with multiple rewards for those who reach the treasures first. In combination...

Chibi Fighters 2.0 Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Redesigned with the same items and Chibies, Chibi Fighters 2.0 is the evolvement of the classic blockchain RPG Chibi Fighters which closed...

Brave Frontier Heroes Limited Legendary Units Sale Begins Today

The Limited Legendary Units sale of the Brave Frontier Heroes begins today, February 22nd, 2020, at 5:00 AM UTC.

The Second Sandbox Land Sale Begins Tomorrow

The Second Sandbox Land Sale is about to launch with more features and parcels available. In the previous successful sale, 3,000 land parcels...

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