Chain Clash Introduces Daily Check-In Rewards & Referral Program

Chain Clash Daily Check-In Rewards

The free-to-play idle PvP game, Chain Clash, continues development with some newly added features, including daily check-in rewards and a referral program.

Chain Clash counts 2,000 active weekly players with over 17,000 transactions based on data from DappRadar. The high transaction number reveals that there are thousands of clashes taking place. Chain Clash runs on the EOS platform, and every move is stored on the blockchain.

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Chain Clash Daily Check-in Rewards

Each day, gamers can claim an in-game reward such as Training Tickets and other valuable items. Check-in rewards come in multiple tiers. Everyone starts from tier 1, and after ten daily check-ins, the account advances to the next tier. 

Referral System

The Chain Clash referral system offers 3% of the referred player’s EOS spend, excluding the marketplace purchases. Also, there is a bonus in place with ten Training Tickets and one Trinity Boost once the new player completes 20 clashes or one purchase.

Daily EOS Rewards

Another way in Chain Clash to earn some EOS tokens is the daily pool. 20% of all in-game revenues go straight to the pool, and every day, 3% is allocated to the players based on the highest-ranked avatar a player holds—the higher the ranking, the better the rewards.

Try the new Chain Clash Daily Check-In Rewards and let us know your opinion.

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