Chainbreakers Celebrates Units Contract Deployment With an Event!

Chainbreakers Celebrates Units Contract Deployment With an Event

The upcoming blockchain game Chainbreakers will deploy on Ethereum network the first version of the unit’s contract in the next days.

In celebration, Chainbreakers hosts a community event where players can acquire 300 scarce gen 0 units with special DNA.

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What about units?

Chainbreakers will be a role-playing strategy game (RPG) where players can command multiple units at once. Units can get the role of Tank, Healer, or DD (Damage Dealers) by attending the appropriate class quests. Later, the same units will be able to fight against other players in real-time. (PvP)

All the assets in Chainbreakers are Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and players can equip one weapon and one armor at a time.

What about the community event?

To celebrate the recent update, Chainbreakers gives away 300 pristine units to the lucky early community members. The ultra sarce units are all generation 0. Additionally, the items have special DNA data resulting in a unique appearance that won’t change in the future.

“In a series of events, 300 slaves managed to break their chains and escape from their evil masters. Real names remain forgotten, and their skin is said to be covered in ashes forever — They are recognized all across the realm.”

chainbreakers prestine unit blockchain game egamersio

Two “regular” units on the left and right. The “Pristine Unit” in between the two.

Connect your account and join the event

The event links to the honor system (find our more), and all wallets connected to Discord with at least rank one will have the chance to win up to 5 of the 300 pristine units on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The event is linked to the official honor system. Every wallet that has been connected to Discord and acquired at least rank 1 has the chance to win 5 of 300 pristine units. First come, first serve!

The event starts on January 24th, at 12:00PM GMT. After logging into the marketplace, any ranked user can spin a personal “wheel of fortune.” A successful spin grants a pristine unit. Higher ranks increase chances.