ChainBreakers Trial of Artemis Sale

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ChainBreakers is a game that we frequently lookout for since it was first introduced to the public. Now it’s time for the Trial of Artemis Pet Sale with only 630 Pets available for sale.

The game takes part in Ancient Greece where citizens are fighting against Tyranny and embraces the “Play to Earn” model. Meaning that every gamer should be able to earn in-game assets while playing.

Pets in ChainBrakers are rare and they can be played across the metaverse in the upcoming titles from the development company. Players will be able to carry their “OG Status” through game to game and receive recognition.

The Trial of Artemis Pet Sale

chainbreakers pets

The Pet Crowdsale comes in 3 different phases with 3 different rarities.

There will be Epic pets for 1.99ETH, Rare pets for 0.99ETH and Uncommon for 0.49ETH. At the end of each sale round, any unsold pets will be discarded, resulting in a much rarer supply.

  • Epic: 30 max supply per pet (90 in total)
  • Rare: 60 max supply per pet (180 in total)
  • Uncommon: 120 max supply per pet (360 in total)

The Sale rounds are the following:

  • Phase 1 starts on Oct 31st at 12 PM GMT
  • Phase 2 starts on Nov 2nd at 12 PM GMT
  • Phase 3 starts on Nov 4th at 12 PM GMT

In addition, ChainBreakers is giving away 1,200$ worth Steam Cards and 20% of the sales will go straight to the Reward’s pool.

More information on these can be found here.


The PVP arena

Players put their pets into the battle arena and each move is reflected in a smart contract transaction hosted on Matic Mainnet. Based on the latest move, cooldown is activated.

The goddess of Artemis shares food with pets and then they gain weight, which, as a result, increases the cooldown duration. When two pets are challenged, the lighter one gets expelled from the arena.

chainbreakers pet battle

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