Chibi Conscripts, Chibi Pimping and Earning TRX While You Sleep!

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Written by Lindsay B at LimeJuice for Chibi Fighters
Stuttgart, Germany

I have to admit, when first looking at Chibi Fighters I wondered how I would ever have enough time to play the game, rise to the top of the leaderboard and earn a significant amount of TRX. Don’t get me wrong, I know I will have fun playing Chibi Fighters, especially the TRX edition. I mean, what could be more fun than battling other little digital warriors and bludgeoning them with a cool weapon or even slicing them up with a legendary sword all while earning real cryptocurrency?!!

My concern was that I wouldn’t find the time to play enough to see a significant return in crypto or even in the loot and gear that are available by playing more often.

I set out on “The Hunt” for answers as to how, exactly, I could get more out of my Chibi Fighters and after asking lots of questions, the answers were AMAZING!

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The solutions to my problem laid within two of the worlds oldest professions! 1. Being a hired gun and 2. Being a Chibi, how do I put this delicately? By being a Chibi Pimp!

Some, if not many of you, may already know this, but for those like me who are just wading into the Chibi Fighters waters, this revelation was kinda hilarious and amazing! I could farm out my Chibi Fighters for various “services” to other players WHILE I SLEEP! How amazing is that?

Loaning out your warriors to others as Chibi conscripts is one of the oldest trades on Earth. Players can set their Chibis as available sell-swords and players on the other side of the world can tap your Chibi Fighters for missions. When the missions are complete, you get your cut of the loot! Wake up to a haul of weapons, armor, potions and other great stuff! Hit the market and use your trade skills to cash in!

Secondly, if you have a Chibi Fighter with “enviable qualities”, you can offer him or her up to “fuse” with another Chibi! Sounds like the oldest profession to me and, no judgment here, friends, make that money! The better the qualities, the more you can request from others to fuse with your stud of a Chibi!

Obviously, I’m going to need to brush up on my brothel administrating skills, but nothing that can’t be conquered!

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In the end, between gameplay, sending out my hired guns, and a little dirty work on the side, I am uber-confident I can see a great result from Chibi Fighters. I couldn’t be more excited to Join the Slaughter Fest when Chibi Fighters, TRX Edition launches on May 4th, 2019.

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The above article is a guest post.

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