Chibi Fighters Announced TRON integration & Presale

The collectible blockchain game Chibi Fighters becomes the latest game to announce TRON Blockchain Integration.

It’s no secret that Ethereum network congestion is leaving no option to developers than exploring other solutions to provide a better user experience for their players. 

The momentum clearly belongs to TRON as three of the most popular existing (and playable) blockchain games have already announced to support the Asian blockchain. After Blockchain Cuties and Everdragons, Chibi Fighters is next on the list.

TRX Chibi Fighters is expected to join the TRON Network in March 2019 if the pre-sale is successful.

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Chibi Fighters are fierce little warriors that know no mercy.

They are collectible and tradeable token. The brand is well established on the Ethereum Blockchain and is coming 2019 to TRON.

On the Chibi Fighters TRX page, there is a mention about profits stating that 2019 investors will be part of the game’s profits with more information to come.

The Chibi Fighters will host a TRX market where players will be able to buy and sell their Chibis and weapons.

TRX Presale

With heavy discounts up to 50%, the Pre-sale of TRX Chibis has started yesterday. For only 390 TRX ($5) players can obtain a TRX Chibi with a legendary weapon. The price above is with the 50% discount, the next discount tier is 30% while it goes down to 20%.

Characters are shared in form of FCF which are redeemable for characters.

They come with legendary weapons and unique traits. Being Gen0 and rarity that varies from common to legendary makes them a steal.

Rarity has a big impact on cooldown times and other benefits throughout the game.

To learn more information and participate in the pre-sale, visit the Chibi Fighters TRX page.

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