Chibi Fighters Halloween Outbidding Auction

Chibi Fighters Halloween Outbidding Auction is now live.

Players can bid ETH on the prize, currently a PumpkinHead and whenever you get outbid, you get your ETH back plus 14%

  • 31.10. 23:30 UTC: Pumpkinhead 3 auction ends.
  • 31.10. 23:59 UTC: Frankie auction ends.

The last auction will be for Frankie, the Halloween zombie of Chibi Fighters, all of the heroes are available only during the Halloween and fully compatible with the Hunt. All of the Chibies available come with unique Trick or Treat and Scary traits.

Frankie Chibi Fighters
Frankie will only be available during the Chibi Fighters Halloween Outbidding Auction.

Trick or Treat: this one is a mystery trait in the 9000+ range, not revealed yet. It comes in slots 1 and 2, so fusion with your Chibi will be very likely since there is a great chance to inherit that trait.

Scary: This trait comes in slot 3. Hence it can not be inherited. After all, you are scary and not your offspring. It will be similar to a stunning effect.

  • Find out more on the official blog page of Chibi Fighters.

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