Chibi Fighters Introduces API & New Mode Coming

Chibi Fighters API is now available to game developers.

The popular blockchain game Chibi Fighters now offers an API for game developers.  A number of possibilities are now available to both blockchain games and non-blockchain ones.

Chibi Fighters are coded on the PIXI framework.

This outreach move brings Chibi Fighters closer to other games who would like to integrate Chibies or develop apps/dapps based on it.

Recently Chibi Fighters teamed-up with Axie Infinity and now players are able to summon an Axie and battle together, without impacting the result.

API is a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or another service.

The Chibi Fighters API documentation is available on the Chibi Fighters Wiki page, alongside with other information regarding Chibi Fighters

Hunt Chibi Fighters Egamers

In other news Chibi Fighters on 16th of November will introduce the Hunt infinite. This news is coming in addition to the continuous development of the game, including the recent news that weapons are now ERC721 tokens, meaning, that they are fully tradable under the Ethereum network.

New users enjoy a free Chibi with a weapon

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