Chibi Fighters Launches on TRON Network

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Chibi Fighters is about to launch on TRON Blockchain in the next minutes/hours.

An exciting day for the popular crypto game Chibi Fighters, as it launches today on the TRON Blockchain and players, are now able to try out their fancy new CBE and FCF tokens!

Firstly introduced on the Ethereum blockchain, Chibi Fighters is one of the very first crypto games ever existed with an overwhelming and friendly community.
Chibi Fighters features an online multiplayer module that allows you to team up with friends to form a clan and conquer Chibi Island together. Players can collect fighters, fuse them with others and then test their skills in battle

Packed with cool animations, dozens of features and a huge marketplace, the multi-style fighting game will definitely attract more players now that is multi-blockchain.

Now that Chibi Fighters is available on TRON Network, some dividends will be paid to dividend token holders, for more information you can read this article.

To play Chibi Fighters on TRON you will need to have TRONLink chrome extension installed, a TRX Chibi and some TRX to begin your journey. If you plan playing on mobile you will need a dapp browser and wallet such as Guild Chat.

If you are looking for more information read the TRX Whitepaper.

Read more news about Chibi Fighters.


Chibi Fighters TRON Blockchain

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