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Chibi Fighters is around since first introduced to the public, the famous crypto collectible game had made so much progress since it’s early days that couldn’t go unnoticed – and we couldn’t resist presenting it!

Uuurghhh, don’t get fooled by their look, a Chibi can cut you in pieces within 2 seconds, for real!

What is Chibi Fighters?

Long story short, it’s a role-play crypto collectible game working off-chain with Metamask wallet, in which you can buy Chibis and send them out to adventures, battles, and other cool stuff.

To begin with, you have to acquire a Chibi! Currently, Generation 0 Chibi Fighters are available through the official website for 0.1ETH (22USD) and various Chibis on OpenSea in a variety of prices.

Chibis come in over 30 different models as ERC-721 tokens, with a specific rarity and 3 traits. Each Chibi varies in appearance, probably a chance to find the same one with yours is one in 2.3 billion!

Chibi Fighters Battles. Awesome graphics by one of the well-known collectible blockchain games
Chibi Fighters Battles. Awesome graphics by one of the well-known collectible blockchain games.

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Chibi Fighters Adventures Mode

A great way to progress in Chibi Fighters is adventures mode. Basically, you can send your Chibis in an exciting adventure and get rewarded with EXP, in-game Coins, ETH Shards, ETH Crystals, and Bounty Contracts.

  • ETH Crystals: Off-chain currency for all premium items, each Crystal costs 0.002ETH.
  • ETH Shards: Acquired through Adventures and daily mini-games, each Shard costs $0,10.
  • Bounty Contracts: Used in Hunting down other Chibis.

Each adventure takes time to complete and the outcome is calculated by the system. Currently, your Chibi can enjoy seven different adventure modes, each one with different rewards & cooldown.

At the time of writing this article, over 74,807 adventure missions are successfully completed by the community.

Adventures Map in Chibi Fighters Blockchain Collectible Game
Adventures Map in Chibi Fighters Blockchain Collectible Game.

Battles in Chibi Fighters

There are various ways for your Chibi to feel important in the field of glory, whether it’s powerful and adventurous or a lazy one, there is always a suitable way to advance in the game and earn rewards through battles.

Our Chibi Fighters Heroe - Cannibal AnOn just lost his first Brawl Battle against a Pumpkin. Yep, never underestimate your opponent.
Our Chibi Fighters Heroe – Cannibal AnOn, just lost his first Brawl Battle against a Pumpkin. Yep, never underestimate your opponent.

The Hunt

Probably the most difficult task you can assign to any Chibi, Orks have invaded the island and there is no time left! Guess who is responsible to defend the great Chibies nation, yes, that’s you! The Hunt contains 75 waves and you can equip different items after each one ends. At wave 75, the final boss waits for you!

There are other fighting modes like Brawl, Live Battles, and Season Battles! You can even join a clan and connect with other Chibi owners to form the greatest alliance ever!

Of course, Chibi Fighters not only reward you with tons of assets, but there is also a leaderboard where players can compete with each other.

Our friends at offers a promotion, Buy 3 Chibis to receive 1 for free, or you can buy 6 and get 3 for free.

Daily Rewards in Chibi Fighters

Example of Daily Quests in Chibi FIghters Blockchain Game
Example of Daily Quests in Chibi FIghters Blockchain Game

In Chibi Fighters you never get bored, among other activities, you can complete the daily quests which will reward you with the necessary resources to further continue in the game.

Activities refresh daily and they contain a range of quests, including mini-games, interacting with the marketplace, collecting ETHShards and other interesting actions.

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Fusion in Chibi Fighters

A typical element all blockchain collectible games share is breeding. This time, Chibi Fighters takes breeding to the next level by calling it Fusion!

Most of the Chibis are male, have you ever seen a male mother? Yeah, neither us.

Scientists have invented a genetic blending device which only needs a drop of blood from your male Chibi fighter, then the machine combines its DNA with another one and a new Chibi is born.

By using Fusion, you can get traits like Frenzy mode, Aggro and others that you couldn’t get otherwise

Make sure you don’t overdo it with Fusion otherwise your Chibi will encounter fatal consequences. Exhausted Chibis can’t battle or fuse with other Chibis.

How To Play Chibi Fighters

In order to play, you will need an Ethereum browser wallet like Metamask. ETH is not required to play because the game works off-chain, although some actions require to complete transactions, so it is advisable to load your wallet with some ETH. The easiest way to get ETH is Coinbase (With Fiat) or Binance (With Cryptos).


Chibi Fighters Champions Artwork, Amazing Graphics!
Chibi Fighters Champions Artwork, Amazing Graphics!

Among the numerous collectible blockchain games that are available as of today, Chibi Fighters seems to be on of the most promising ones. If you are looking to play an interesting game which requires a lot of thinking, due to the number of different stats and elements your Chibi can have, then Chibi Fighters is for you.

As expected, the battles are not won by your skills but by your pre-fight planning and way of thinking, overcome your opponents with your minds and enjoy an amazing victorious animation. Breed your own Chibis and collect daily rewards through interesting quests, you can even deposit ETHShards to the Crystal Cave and claim ETH from the daily pot.

The game features its own internal Marketplace where you can buy and sell various items, Chibis are also available on OpenSea Marketplace.

We suggest every blockchain gamer to try out Chibi Fighters.

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