Chibi Fighters: Weapons Update Arrived

Update 16/11/2020: Chibi Fighters is depreciated.

Yet again, the long lasting blockchain gamehit Chibi Fighters, is taking things to a new level.

Last Friday the team unlocked the weapons for your Chibi warriors.

On top of that Chibi Fighters offers an internal market which costs a lot less to perform trades in and of course has a 100% target audience.

But their never-ending desire making you money doesn’t stop there.

Their weapon contract has referrals integrated inside the code. It is similar to Gods Unchained mechanism where you instantly receive your payment when someone buys weapons with your referral. Click and forget so to say.

Chibi Fighters Hunt
Battle in Chibi Fighters Blockchain Game

What weapons are available?

14 exclusive legendary weapons that are only available during the release window.
Sale of these will end of February. Each weapon looks more unique than the other and comes with legendary stats applied.

For starters, there are 34 pristine weapons that can come in common, rare and mythic editions.
They range from clubs, swords, spears heck even whips. Something for every taste.

Founders can claim their legendary weapons, too. That means 10 more exclusive legendary weapons will be on markets, soon. Though only a foolish Chibi would sell its weapon.

7 ultra rare weapons that can only be obtained by boss Chibis like the legendary Lizard People, Stomper, Minotaur, Lizard Pets, Squid Avatar, Frankie and PumpkinHead.
Technically the wrench (weapon of Frankie) would be the rarest weapon since it only exists once, just like Frankie.

Chibi Fighters Battle Blockchain Game Egamers

What are weapons used for?

Damage, lots and lots of damage. Sure, barehand Chibis already pack quiet a punch. But imagine a Chibi with a weapon.
It is of course visually represented in The Hunt, too. Which is our fully animated Chibi module with stats, buffs, animations and tons of action.

Reaper Chibi Fighters Weapon Blockchain Game
Reaper Weapon in Chibi Fighters

What about PVP?

Up until now all you could do were our core rock, paper, scissor battles when it comes to fighting other players.
This will soon change. Shortly after weapons release, we will launch player versus player matches.
With the removal of level caps, there are already monster like Chibis out there that will pack a punch.

But fear not, there is action for everyone out there. Keep training your Chibi and climb the ranks.

Friendly reminder – Do not bid more than you can afford to lose.