ChibiFighters Announced One Month Delay For The TRX Version

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In order to provide to the players the best possible gameplay, developers of ChibiFighters announced that the TRX version is going to be pushed back for one month. This small period of time needed for the final improvements of the TRX version will definitely worth the wait, considering the high success that the game already has, running on the Ethereum network.

This also gives the opportunity to join the TRX Presale. Those that have not participated yet can grab a Chibi and receive welcome packages limited to this pre-sale, to be prepared for the TRX version game release.

Join Now The TRX Pre-Sale

ChibiFighters is a collectible blockchain virtual game with adventures, roleplay, multiplayer and action RPG elements. Every Chibi is a tradable token that players have the true ownership of it.

How can I earn TRX rewards?

While proceeding in the game, players will be able to collect Gems and add them in the Crystal Cave. Gems can be traded for TRX Shards which, in their turn, can be swaped for TRX.

Chibi Fighters will also host a TRX market where players will be able to sell their loot for TRX along with buying and selling their Chibis and weapons.

Check out this cool Chibi Fighters video made by BlockDecentral.

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