Claim Now Your Free Starter Mons by Etheremon

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Pushing towards crypto gaming adoption, the Etheremon team have done excellent work so far by creating a game that most blockchain players as of today love. Now it’s time for a bigger player-base to join the industry and as a result, the Etheremon game. Developers are making sure new players will be able to play without having to purchase any Mon.

The popular blockchain collectible game Etheremon is giving to every new player 3 starter Mons in order to easily begin their adventures in the game. Players can instantly use them to form teams, join the practice and ranked battle, and train them up to gain rewards.

The 3 gifted Mons will be available off-chain, so it’s going to be completely free with no transaction fees required.

Claim Now Your Free Mons

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– Mintol – Kyari – Ommon

Start now your Etheremon journey by finding Mintol, Kyari, and Ommon in the Etheremon Map. To acquire your free Mons you have to access their easily noticeable location and then your Mons will be saved in your Inventory.

Watch below in a Tweet by Etheremon how to claim your free Mons

It should be noted that these 3-starter Mons are going to off-chain will not affect Kyari, Ommon, Mintol on-chain which being owned by the current player.

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