Coins & Steel DEMO is Live! Play Now The F2P Game & Collect STL

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Coins & Steel, an upcoming free to play popular blockchain game just released their DEMO and now crypto gamers are able to experience the first playable version of the game. The developers of the game decided that the time spent by players should be rewarded from the very beginning, so, you get to keep all the in-game tokens you collect (STL) and use them in the official game launch.

Get ready to start your adventures in a fantastical open world map full of dangers, hidden treasures, and resources, where you will face terrible beasts and other heroes.

Coins & Steel is a fantasy multiplayer role-playing blockchain game with its own Marketplace to Buy, sell and trade your items. Players have the true ownership of all the in-game assets along with those that have been crafted so everything that exists in the game is a tradable asset with its own value.

Every asset in the game is tokenized, tradeable, and a part of the economy of the game so players can use them as they please. STL is the token used for the economy of the game. STL Tokens can be earned in the game and can be converted to Ethereum. In-game, items can be sold either for STL or ETH.

Currently, Coins & Steel is hosting a founders sale on opensea with exclusive cosmetic skins.

coinssteel blockchaingame erc20 crypto gaming stltokens

In around a week time from now, Coins & Steel will enable farming for extremely rare cosmetic skins which can only be acquired by playing the demo. All skins will be tradeable in decentralized NFT markets after the mainnet implementation.

How to play Coins & Steel?

First release is using Android version. iOS release will come few days later.

  1. Download the .apk file from the link found in the official announcement.
  2. Start the game and play.

Coins & Steel features an in-game cryptocurrency wallet which will generate a private key for you. Make sure you backup your Mnemonic key phrase from the settings menu, if you lose it, you won’t be able to recover it.

coind and steel equipment

Operating using a Loom Sidechain

By taking advantage of the Loom sidechain technology, Coins & Steel offers a 100% open world blockchain game! A truly dapp game with everything on the blockchain, from items, game logic to enemies and combat, all powered by LOOM.

What is next?

Here is short roadmap for nearest future:

  1. Crypto Kitties will be used as pets in the game. Every kittie will have magic properties based on DNA.
  2. Crafting system — all those resources you gathered to become more powerful. Or maybe you can craft something extremely rare?
  3. Simple automatic PvP — gear and coins in duels challenging other players!
  4. New Mage Class!
  5. Talents and skills leveling.
  6. Adding more legendary items to create your own build.
  7. Improving the combat system, for example, letting you target specific enemies in combat.
  8. Search for forgotten treasures around the world and fight for them to earn rare loot!
coins and steel gameplay demo egamers

All this just a glimpse of what is coming!

If Coins & Steel sounds like a game you’re just dying to play then share this article to spread the word, and check out the official Coins & Steel website as well as their social media pages.

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