CropBytes 3D Version is Coming Soon

CropBytes 3D farm game

CropBytes is getting ready for a huge update that will greatly upgrade the gameplay for the TRON based farming simulation game. The 3D version is one of the game’s most significant milestones that aims to provide existing players a whole different gaming experience as well as to attract new ones.

Since the game was first released back in 2018, CropBytes has released a playable version for the web as well as fo smartphones. There are plenty of mainstream farming games out there that count millions of active players, but CropBytes 3D offers a considerable difference, the Play to Earn model.

Players can upgrade their Farms, produce goods, and trade them on an open economy to earn cryptocurrency. Already thousands of players have actively played the game as early adopters, and the market has a regular base on demand for in-game items. As expected, the more the player base grows, the more trading will happen in the marketplace.

It is worth mentioning that the game is available in Android and iOS mobile devices as well as for PC. The game still keeps the free to play philosophy with a trial pack, but you can always deposit some crypto to advance your farm quicker. The game is expected to launch on the 18th of this month.

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CropBytes 3D allows players to view their farm from a bird’s eye or as a first-person experience. 

Check out some sneak peeks of the upcoming 3D version.

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