Cryptage Origins Beta New updates and Leaderboard reset

Cryptage Origins Beta

Editors Note: This article was updated on July 2nd, 2020. Cryptage Origins stoped futher development of the game and is not playable anymore.

The Decenter team today introduced another update to Cryptage Origins Beta, their card trading and idle strategy blockchain game set in an imagined near-future dystopian CryptoPunk world. The new update includes architectural changes that will allow the team to implement new game mechanics in the final, main net version of the game, as well as a re-balancing of all in-game cards.

With these changes coming in, they also decided to reset the leaderboard and have all players start from scratch to better test everything and give new players a chance to reach the top of the leaderboard

Cryptage Origins
Cryptage Origins

Being known for working with players and listening closely to their feedback, this time around, they would also love to hear about any bugs you encounter after the update lands. You can share your thoughts and join the discussion on the official Cryptage Discord server. The team also pointed out you can stop by their faucet to get more KETH for Beta card packs.

As a reminder, Cryptage Origins Beta recently received a design update, when the team launched a completely overhauled game UI in mid-August, introducing a sleeker interface that’s both nicer to look at and play with. So far, the new UI received a positive response from the community, but they are still open for feedback.

cryptage origins beta