Cryptage Origins Presents a New UI

Today with a medium post in the official Cryptage Origins Blog, the developers announced a new interface designed based on the recommendations of the community.

Cryptage Origins is in beta and you can play on the Kovan Ethereum test network.

In order to play, you will need Metamask and some KETH (Kovan Eth) which are available to grab from this faucet, free of charge. You will receive enough KETH to start playing.

The new layout looks elegant and much simpler than before, making the game even easier to play.

The developers comment about the new interface:

The idea behind the new interface came from the general feedback we received from the community, which can mostly be summed up with “we love the artwork and the looks of Cryptage, but we wish there weren’t as many numbers all over the place”.

In case you can’t see the new UI, a hard refresh should help, try Ctrl + Shift + R

1*Oqq birw7R2CkSiiuJOKow

Cryptage Origins is doing excellent work in both community and game terms, they have managed to develop a fun and addictive game while the overwhelming community is active in daily basis.

You can visit the Discord Channel of Cryptage Origins and share your thoughts about the new Design, they are giving away free rare cards and booster packs, available for the main game once it’s launched to everyone who provides feedback.

More updates are about to come with mechanism upgrades with long-run in mind.

We love the new design and we believe you will also.

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