In a future much closer than you imagine, Blockchain Technology has taken over the world. Do you have what it takes to lead the evolution?

Cryptage Origins is the first in a series of games, a mixture of card trading and venture tycoon running on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Start your game with limited resources (cards) and quickly progress while you play. You can win bonus cards and unlock achievements in your journey to become the most successful Venture Capitalist in the world.

There are 45 unique collectible cards featuring various locations, mining equipment, characters, projects, and boosters. All of the cards in the game vary in rarity.

Each card you collect in Cryptage Origins is a non-fungible Token. This means that each card is a unique token, stored within your wallet and forever truly yours. Unless you want to trade it on the Marketplace, where you’ll be able to sell or buy cards for actual Ether.

Card packs have guaranteed and transparent rarity system along with profit distribution in place that automatically allocates funds to game developers, designers, and art creators.

Cryptage Logo
Cryptage Origins Logo (BETA)

What to expect In Cryptage Origins

Cards are in charge here. All of your items and other game resources are available to you through the form of Cards. There are six different card categories as presented below.

  • Locations: Different places for keeping employees and mining equipment.
  • People: Contains leaders, developers, executives, traders and consultants.
  • Projects: Various tasks and activities in order to bring you experience points and funds.
  • Mining: CPUs, GPUs, and ASICs to skyrocket your earnings.
  • Power: Various additional power sources for your locations, like batteries and generators.
  • Miscellaneous: Special items and booster cards.

Leveling up

Immediately as you start playing you will receive some of the basic cards, you should use your location card and start your first project. Do this a couple of times and you will be level 2 in no time.

Saving your Progress

On your upper right corner, you will see a save button, it’s obvious what save does but what you have to know is that every time you click save, a transaction is triggered on the ethereum blockchain for which you will have to pay a fee on the network. By hitting the save button, you will also get on the leaderboard, isn’t that cool? 🙂

Cryptage Origins Card Pack Presentation
Cryptage Origins Card Pack Presentation

Updates are on their way

Cryptage Origins reported that more than 100 active players are testing the game. Blockchain games are on the rise and if you consider how many players are actually playing cryptocurrency games, they are doing a great job.

The team is working hard to bring quality updates and meet the standards of the community. With the final version of Cryptage Origins, we are going to see the following new updates.

Revamped design

Visuals are extremely important in any game. Whether we’re talking about a blockchain game or an old-school one, (i always wanted to say this) graphics is the Alpha and Omega of every Game.

Developers are working to create a new graphical interface, much cleaner with better usability.

Due to the nature of the game, I personally believe this task is a hard one, you can’t fit that much information and keep it minimal but, it seems they did it.

Cryptage Origins new GUI Design. Minimal look with advanced usability.
Cryptage Origins new GUI Design. Minimal look with advanced usability.

Marketplace launch

The most essential aspect in every blockchain game is its marketplace. In Cryptage Origins. You will be able to trade cards with other players and sell them for a profit. Have you seen a great card? Deposit some ETH to your metamask wallet and buy it.

Cryptage Origins Marketplace
Cryptage Origins Marketplace preview


What would any game be without Achievements?

Developers are working on a new Achievements system that will set unique goals for all players. By unlocking achievements you’ll also unlock and collect unique in-game badges.

Here’s a sneak peek at how the Achievements screen will look like once Cryptage Origins launches to the main net.

Cryptage Origins Achievements
Cryptage Origins Achievements Preview

Playing on multiple devices

Right now you are not able to play from multiple devices but this will come to an end as soon as the game is officially launched.

Play Cryptage Origins

The public Beta of Cryptage Origins is live on the Kovan Ethereum test network.

In order to play, you will need Metamask and some KETH (Kovan Eth) which are available to grab from this faucet, free of charge. You will receive enough KETH to start playing.

cryptage origins banner

Open source because it matters.

When it comes to transparency, Cryptage Origins scores ten out of ten. We have an open-source dApp (decentralized application) and secondly, it is blockchain based. You know exactly where your money goes, the market is transparent and game code is publicly available in GitHub.

Who is behind Cryptage Origins?

Decenter is a group of talented developers, passionate about decentralization. The company is functioning as a self-funded startup based in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia.

Right now Decenter consists of eleven people.

Decenter Logo 04They dream of a world where people are in complete control of their digital identities and data. A digital society based on rules and protocols enforced by decentralized algorithms that create a fair and sustainable system which benefits everyone and is controlled by no one.

Learn more about Decenter.


Cryptage Origins goes beyond your typical crypto collectible game, as a fan of tycoon games, this one looks the perfect one for me. Based on the talks I have from time to time with the team, they are actively working on the game and I can safely say that they are talented.

I am looking forward to the main game release. Until then, see you on the leaderboard.


Cryptage Origins
Cryptage Origins


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