Train your Crabs to become mighty and mutate specific parts in orde to receive greater ones as well as experience points and more!


Your crabs type can be Fire, Water, Spirit, Earth or Metal. Use the correct combinations and win the battle against other players.


Become a fearless crab trainer and take part in the Tournament. Each transaction in-game makes the prize pool bigger.

About CryptantCrab

CryptantCrab is a dapp game all about beautifully designed crabs that you can collect, trade, evolve, mutate and of course, battle!
Using the mutate feature, players can choose their unique look from over one million combinations and create a deadly Crab team that will defeat every opponent in the Arena! Crabs that you don't need anymore can be converted to fossil using the Xenograft option. Fossils are used to support your Crab team in the battle by adding stats boost.

Earn by Playing CryptantCrab

You need a team of 2 Crabs to begin playing. After that, by completing battles against other players you will be entitled to various rewards including Cryptant, the material needed to Mutate & Xenocraft as well as Crabs to expand your teams and fossils!
CryptantCrab is a fast paced browser based blockchain game that doesn't require a lot of time. Select the best possible team and send your Crabs to battle! Return hours later to collect your rewards and battle again from your desktop or mobile using any dapp browser!

CryptantCrab offers a decentralized gaming experience with a number of interesting in-game features casual players will definitely like!

Play CryptantCrab

Discover the Crab Heart, Growth Points, learn to Mutate and challenge the leaderboard players. Become a well-known player and claim your Prizes on the blockchain!

Learn How To Play

CryptantCrab takes a unique approach to blockchain Gamification. With more features planned to be released, you should definetly try this game!

The game is built on the Ethereum Blockchain by the award winning company Appxplore (iCandy) with over 30 Million games downloads.
CryptantCrab is a spin-off game from the popular mobile game "Crab Wars" with over 5 million downloads for iOS and Android devices.
The price of each Crab & Fossil, sold by the company, is determined by the actual demand from the players.