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Cryptic Conjure Presale is Live!

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Cryptic Conjure, an upcoming blockchain game with advanced spell mechanisms started their Pre-sale an hour ago!

Excuse me, do you have 200 Eth? I want to buy a blockchain asset.

There is one particular item that worths your attention and this is the council seat. It’s your ticket to power, a seat in the Council of 9. Those 9 have a significant impact on various vital parts of the gameplay including the economy. At the time of writing this post, this unique ticket-to-paradise costs around 199 Eth, that’s almost 82.000 USD. The starting price was 200 Eth and it will decrease until it’s sold.

Counsil seat presale cryptic conjure

Double Crysta Drop for 1 Eth.

That’s right! For only the first week of the presale, there are 4 2X Crysta Drop items that last for 2 weeks. Definitely useful if you plan to play hardcore. The price will increase by 0.5 Eth per sale.

Register and visit the presale

Artifacts are now available for sale.

Screenshot 2
Artifacts in Cryptic Conjure Presale

With artifacts, you can charge other players for eth to craft a spell using the particular unique powers. Artifacts are the backbone in the Cryptic Conjure economy and they come in a variety of elements.

There are 24 available Artifacts to choose from. They are all different in terms of rarity and ability some of them cost 7 Eth while others can be found for as low as 0.25 Eth.

Moreover, you can buy Crysta, the basic ingredient in spell crafting, and spell vouchers.

Our pre-sale (which includes a demo) is going live near the end of July. As far as full development goes, it does somewhat depend on the pre-sale, but we’re looking to have our opening public release of the game in Spring 2019.

CEO, Jason Wishnov

Weapons and Armor

Desta Dager, a pair of ornate daggers passed down through the generations. They strike as easily and surely as the wind. There will be only 30 across the land of Kyra with a starting price of 0.08 Eth, the price will increase by 0.02 once it reaches 10 sales.

The Ring of Radiance is a very rare accessory, filled with radiant light. It suffuses its wearer with that same light, pulsing softly within. The price will increase by 0.01 Eth once it reaches 3 sells. You can get one for 0.03 Eth, around  12 USD.

Sol Defender is an ancient set of armor belonging to a group of men who believed themselves deities of the sun. This chestpiece will provide you an extra 10% fire resistance protection. Priced at 0.015 Eth, 6 USD, looks like an ideal buy for the game.

Cryptic Conjure is a new  (still, under development) Fantasy Multiplayer Action RPG Game by Iridium Studios and will be published by Lucid Sight, an LA Based Gaming Studio founded in 2015 with a respected portfolio including Crypto Space Commander and other games.

Join the Presale

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