Blockchain Game Summit by B2Expand in France

B2Expand is new Blockchain Games Summit and it will take place in France, September 2018 for two days. The event will consist of 20 unique conferences over the two days with B2Expand’s founder, Eric Burgel, providing the opening speech.

B2Expand has placed the innovative production company, Exoflow in charge of organizing the event. Exoflow has an extensive line of experience with providing highly interactive and unique events.

A lot of Cryptocurrency and Gaming professionals are going to present their work and discuss around blockchain gaming. We see B2Expand as a great opportunity for developers and users to explore the new crypto trend in gaming. Across the event, devs will have the opportunity to present their games.

Some of the key factors of the event will be Design, Game Monetization, roundtable discussions and accountancy

Information about B2Expand

B2Expand, a game development company was founded in January 2017, part of Ubisoft’s startup program. Their first game is Beyond the Void which takes advantage of the ethereum network.

If you are interested to join the summit, tickets prices around 800$.

Learn more, visit B2Expand Website.
Visit Blockchain Game Summit Website.