Crypto Run Game & ZugCoin Review

Crypto Run or BitcoinRun (it’s unclear what the final name will be) is a “run to collect” smartphone game for Android in which you collect ZugCoins. The game share similarities with Temple Run but in a very early version.

You have the ability to choose between two characters, a male and a female one in order to begin your ZugCoin hunt.

Your character is spawned in a map placed on the sky, enemy mushrooms and empty space are your only enemies so far. If you run over a mushroom, then you lose one ZugCoin, if you fall of the sky then you lose 5 ZugCoins. It’s simple and I get it, there must be some kind of evil power to take you down, you can’t just win, it would be boring and what boring means? No one ever will play Crypto Run and eventually, ZugCoin cryptocurrency will fail.

crypto run blockchain game

The game makes available 200.000 Coins a day and all the players contest each other. The more coins you collect, the bigger are the earnings. Every in-game ZugCoin is a real one that you can get in your windows & Linux wallet once you get 1.000 ZugCoins.

So to recap, we have an android game, simple yet fun to play where you earn real coins fast, really fast. If this is not revolution, I don’t know what is.

Currently, the game has around 100 Downloads in Google Play and there is a Zugcoin’s Discord to discuss with other players.

Crypto Run Graphics Opinion

I admit that graphics are far from ideal but, they are lovely. As you can see 3D Graphics are simple with decent textures for a prototype and plenty room for upgrades. I hope in a future release to see the graphics more realistic and new maps.

That one thing that needs improvement in Crypto Run

Steering your player. OMG guys, it’s like playing Grand Turismo in PSX. The Left & Right mechanism should be more sensitive or implement movement by gestures.

Navigation in Crypto Run Mobile Game

I found jumping a bad experience in the game but don’t worry, you will get used to it once you play for five minutes. Make sure you don’t double click jump around corners. Jumping is like an uncompleted meme. Fix that jump movement.

ZugCoin Cryptocurrency Review

ZugCoin, introduced to the world on May 30, 2018, with a bitcointalk announcement.crypto run egamers

Total supply is 2 000 000 000 ZCN with 10% Premined for the team and 40% Distributed to the game. The website is soon-to-be made and within the next weeks.

There are two more games to come, Driftcoin,  a multiplayer racing game in Q3 and Warcoin in Q4, an RTS Game similar to Warcraft in multiplayer.

I’m looking forward to see what this crypto-magnet place will offer to the world as many famous projects like Monaco, Bancor & Shapeshift are part of Zug’s Crypto Valley.

ZugCoin is taking advantage of the proof of work concept for script mining and proof of games. By playing the game you can earn 1.000 ZugCoins in less than 30 Minutes, but if you decide to mine ZCN, my GTX 1060 returned 1,5 ZCN per hour.

My Final Thoughts.

I like this game, it clearly needs a lot of improvement but let’s not forget that we are in the very first days. There are more games to come, with more updates to be implemented. ZugCoin has the Crypto Valley experience and I’m sure they will build a strong community of crypto enthusiasts and gamers.

I suggest to download and play the game, we are doing some baby-steps here and you have the opportunity right now to be an early adopter. Get your first 1.000 ZugCoins and let us know your opinion.

All is left is to wait. Until next time, keep it crypto!

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