Zugcoin upcoming Exchange & Crypto Run Updates

Let’s begin with the good news, Zugcoin is getting listed in an exchange before July 24th. The starting price should be around 10 to 20 Satoshi.

More exchanges to come in the future including Crypto-Bridge and one more with USD gateway just like coinbase.

Crypto Run, the prototype game from Zugcoin is being constantly updated.

Cedric, lead developer of Zugcoin and Zugsoft has announced two more games coming within the next months with the first one to be a racing game.

CryptoRace (Q3 2018)
-Drift with cartoons car to collect zugcoin
-8 different car

CryptoWar (Q4 2018)
-RTS game similar to Warcraft, Orcwar
-Create your units
-Multiplayer in real time.
-Attack your friends or online players to earn zugcoin

With the latest update Character’s stats were introduced.

The Boy, your main character has Speed Level 1, Agility Level 10 and Jump Level 1.

Crypto Run not only got a new map, but 5 New Characters are available to buy.

The new Characters are animals and more specifically are:

  • A Cow
  • A Horse
  • A Pig
  • A Sheep
  • A Bull

Also, the characters come with a price, starting from around 1.500 ZugCoins each, you get a more fascinating experience in the game.

Changes also are visible in Leaderboard with Weekly & All time rankings.

View past announcement about POS with 50% Interest per Year.

Some Screenshots of the new update:

Crypto Run Bull Zugcoin Crypto Run Cow Zugcoin Crypto Run Gameplay Crypto Run Pig Zugcoin

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