Crypto Sanguo to Launch on IOST Blockchain

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Crypto Sanguo is the first MMORPG strategy game to launch on the IOST blockchain. The game takes place in the most famous period of Chinese history and it’s accessible from both mobile and PC. The stories of Sanguo (or “Three Kingdoms”) has inspired many video games, and now it is time for a unique crypto version.

In the game, players fight NPCs to claim materials, gears, and SGT tokens. Furthermore, to improve your ranking, you can fight against other players in epic PVP battles and snatch some SGT tokens from them in the prosses. In addition, players can equip and upgrade their heroes to challenge more powerful enemies.

CryptoSanguo IOST Blockchain CryptoGames heroes

The Presale

The game is hosting a presale that will last only for one week. The presale is scheduled to end at September 11 and right after the game will launch and the SGT mining will start. 90% of the pre-sale revenue will be redistributed back to the players according to the amount of SGT being held or burned.

Keep in mind that there will never be ICOs or pre-mining events so as a result when the presale ends the only way to acquire SGT tokens is by playing the game. To participate in the presale you need an IOST wallet (iWallet Chrome Extension or Token Pocket Wallet).

How to Earn Crypto While Playing Crypto Sanguo

Besides the greatest part of the game where you can steal SGT from your rival enemies, there are more ways to earn profit in the real world.

  • To begin with, there is an on-chain marketplace, where players can buy, trade, or sell heroes and assets. Players can buy heroes directly from the marketplace or use it for peer-to-peer trading.
  • One other great function of the game is that players can hold or burn SGT tokens to earn IOST dividends.
  • In addition, players can participate in daily lotteries and win rare resources.

About The IOST Blockchain

IOST is a fast, scalable, and secure decentralized blockchain network and a perfect solution for DAPP development since their Mainnet launch.

IOST’s future plans include collaborations with industry leaders in order to promote and develop further the blockchain and its dapp ecosystem.

Internet of Services Token (IOST) uses Proof of Believability consensus verification, coherently distributed sharding, and a protocol called node-to-shard. IOST is considered one of the best blockchains to develop dapps on it.

Archontakis Kostas
Archontakis Kostas
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