Crypto Space X Presentation & Free Community Airdrop

Crypto Space X
Crypto Space X

CryptoSpaceX is a new open-world 3D Crypto Game not yet to be released. Currently, there is a community airdrop available to anyone and a presale phase. Make sure you grab some free coins and get ready once the game is up.

The game features some great planets and spaceships as seen on preview images on their website.

Interact with other players, form alliances and take out the enemy in space. With the advanced PVP mechanism, you can be the space lord.

Crypto Space X
Crypto Space X Kamikaze 3D Model

What is Crypto Space X

CryptoSpaceX is a first of its kind Space Strategy Battle game built on the Ethereum.

The game will take place in an Open World Space with Blockchain based Collectible Games. You can collect planets and starships, attack planets and scavenge for Stardust. Engage in several unique arenas in the CryptoSpaceX universe.

The game features several modular and fully customisable starships, battle stations and battle equipment. Build your defence base on your planets, protect your Stardust and engage in detailed space combats with planet vs planet and tournament battle modes.

Keep in mind that you are a Rebellion leader sent with one sole purpose—to build a large fleet of starships for the battle that must be. There are others around you but you must not trust—for many have already been consumed by the Evil Forces.

Crypto Space M-Wind 3D Model
Crypto Space X Roton-Voss T92b M Wing Model

Crypto Space X Features

  • Virtual Universe based on Blockchain

A Virtual Universe on the blockchain with every element under players ownership. Interact with other players and engage in space battles.

  • Planets and Stars

Your star fleet is located on a planet of your choice. Every player must own at least one planet to become a part of the Rebellion. Stars emit stardust and players can collect them through the planet’s surface. Planets must pay star owners to be able to receive stardust from them.

  • Battles and Tournaments

Strategic battles and stardust looting. The new space era has begun. Engage in challenges and tournaments in the special arena and win special prizes.

Crypto Space X Presale Information

Final Thoughts on CryptoSpaceX

The game has not yet to be released nor I have seen any trailer.I, just like everyone else in, are waiting for the first prototype. CryptospaceX as one of the very first blockchain games sound really interesting and giving the fact that there is an ongoing community airdrop it makes me want to explore this game further. Time will tell, more news to come soon.

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If you want to join the presale, you have 2 days left to join.

Until next time, keep it crypto.