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CryptoDungeons Joins TRON Arcade & Ports The Game to TRON Blockchain

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Tron Arcade announced a new game that is joining the popular gaming Fund of $100Million.

CryptoDungeons, a reminiscent of Final Fantasy originally built on Ethereum will port over their universe, story, and character to the TRON network for higher transaction speeds and fewer fees.

The kingdom of “Brightdawn” is preparing for war and players are ready for it!

CryptoDungeons World Tron Egamers Crypto Game

In CryptoDungeons, players can complete a variety of missions, craft items by gathering resources and strategically select their heroes to overcome the most difficult challenges.

The game can be played along with friends as it provides the ability to host parties for dungeons with rare items drops that can later be sold in the Marketplace. Additionally, in CryptoDungeons there will be PVP tournaments with big rewards.

In order to join a dungeon, a player must have at least 3 heroes and up to six rounds available to defeat the enemies.

CryptoDungeons tron blockchain game egamers crypto gaming

Races, Classes & More

With 5 races to choose from and 4 classes, CryptoDungeons promises an exciting gaming experience for the players.

Let’s take a look at the Classes of the game.

  • Angels
  • Dwarfs
  • Elves
  • Humans
  • Orcs

Each Heroe race has its own unique abbilities and they are divided into 4 Classes.

  • Mages
  • Rogues
  • Priests
  • Warriors

Each class will be able to use up to five special abilities.
For example, Warriors will have the abilities “Strike, Heavy Strike, Shield Slam, Shield Wall, and Warrior Shout.”

Heroes are NFT tokens and can be bought through the official game store.

CryptoDungeons Characters tron game

How to Earn TRX

The decentralized marketplace offers a lot of opportunities for the players to earn some TRX for their time spent. Sell heroes, craftable items and drops from dungeons or compete in PVP tournaments for big prize pots.

CryptoDungeons Crafting Panel Egamers Tron Arcade
Crafting Panel in CryptoDungeons

Join the Community

While we wait for the game release, CryptoDungeons will soon host a Presale where players will be able to get exclusive gear. You might want to follow them on Discord or Twitter and keep up with the development. Visit CryptoDungeons website.

TRON Arcade

TRON Foundation is building the fundamentals to attract and support game studios with a gaming investment fund of $100M USD for the next three years.

Empowering developers and game studios to develop unique gaming experiences, TRON Arcade aims to bring the gaming world to the blockchain and build a huge network of games under the TRON umbrella.

A number of well-known crypto games have already integrated TRON Blockchain including the popular breeding crypto collectible game Blockchain Cuties. Moreover, 0xWarriorsTronGooChibi Fighters, EverdragonsLordless, Epic Dragons and now
CryptoDungeons have joined the TRON network with many more to come!

If you are a game studio or developer, make sure you visit the TRON Arcadewebsite. You can apply for funding and why not bring your game on the TRON blockchain.

Connect with TRON Arcade:TwitterTelegramDiscordFacebookMedium, LinkedIn

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