CryptoFights Giveaway: Veteran’s Lucky Charm – A Multiverse Enabled Asset

The upcoming Multiverse blockchain game Crypto Fights is giving away 25 Veteran’s Lucky charm items.

Its a special one-handed dagger with 1-4 pierce damage wearable since level 1.

The multiverse enabled weapon offers +1 Necrotic Damage and +2 Initiative while being label as Swift and Dextrous Assault.

The contest is active for 10 more days using Glem, and they offer 9 different methods to accumulate points to win one of the twenty-five Veteran’s Lucky Charm.

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CryptoFights Multiverse game is known for offering 2,000 Multiverse Items alongside with Cats in Mechs.  Think of it like Street Fighter in a turn-based mode with interchangeable weapons and armor providing a real-time strategic advantage to players who outmatch their opponents. While the game mechanisms look incredible, CryptoFights prevents cheating and offers transparency to the players using the blockchain advantages.

CryptoFights Adopts ERC-1155 by ENJ

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