Buying gifts for your beloved ones on new years eve? Think twice because Dolce & Gabbana perfumes are expensive, with only $25 you can gift a CryptoFights item, forever!

On January 1st, 2019 at 12pm EST the platform will open for all users and you will have your chance to get some limited-edition items and Legendary armor!

Pre-Sale will run in the same way with War of Crypto Early Access Sale, which is proven to be a great selling strategy for all participants. For only $25 (less than buying an AAA title) you can get a loot chest which contains a random item.

In addition, CryptoFights set some milestone rewards where every time a specific amount of chests is sold, all pre-sale participants will get rewarded with bonus items!

In order to play CryptoFights, you must own at least one item!

Glorious Enjin-backed loot! Don’t miss out…

Pre-Sale Loot

The Pre-Sale will contain 3500 loot chests, each user will get one random item from each chest with no limit on how many boxes one can get.

As expected, CryptoFights is offering some great early-adoption items, providing significant advantages to the pre-sale participants. Each item is a unique ERC-1155 token backed with ENJ Coins.

Let’s take a quick look at he pre-sale items, shall we?

  • CryptoFights MFT:  Providing perpetual rewards once in a while and an exclusive Founders Weapon Bundle.
  • Genesis Zero Weapons: – Varying from common to legendary.
  • Limited Edition Early Adopter Weapons-: Dagger, Club, Shortsword and Quarterstaff. All types of weapons are equipped with a branded EA (Early Adopter) Symbol.
  • Special-tier Weapons: Designed by the community such as Zolfaghar and Cingano’s Claw.
  • Legendary Armor: Never seen before in CryptoFights, you will have a chance to get a Legendary armor piece!
Legendary armor cryptofights
Death’s Embrace – Legendary Armor in CryptoFights

Community Bonus Milestones

As people purchase loot chests, the global community bonus scale will increase. This is a milestone system that will unlock rewards for ALL presale participants! 1 chest purchase = 1 point on the milestone scale.

Milestone Rewards:

  • 100 — Bloody BattleAxe
  • 200 — Ancient Bow
  • 400 — Pike of War
  • 800 — Founders Mace
  • 1200 — Sword of Kingdom
  • 1500 — Spiked Maul
  • 1800 — Stolen Pirate Pistol
  • 2000 — Lost Samurai Sword
  • 2500 — Obsidian Blade
  • 3000 — Crystal Sword
  • 3300 — Staff of Ethereum

Top 10 Purchaser Rewards

In addition to the community bonus, the top 10 participants will enjoy a CryptoFights MFT and 4 of the Limited Edition Early Adopter Weapons (one of each).

Early Adopter Shortword CryptoFights
Early Adopter Shortsword – Presale item in CryptoFights

How to Join the CryptoFights Pre-Sale

Participants can get chests by using Paypal, Coinbase Commerce (BTC, ETH, LTC) or by using ENJ via a QR Code. Once again, the price is $25 for each chest with no limits.

Presale Live Giveaway Drawing!

ON January 1st a gleam giveaway will open. CoolCriSys will draw winners live via Twitch stream and share some awesome prizes to participants. Make sure you check the gleam giveaway on the date!

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