CryptoFights Reduces Pre-Sale Prices


Until today, Multiverse games have proven their loyalty to players by providing actual feedback as community-focused games. We must say this makes us truly happy, as the players base is the core element of every online game, including the blockchain ones.

Join the CryptoFights Presale.

With a tweet CryptoFights announced new – reduced prices for their Presale Campaign after community request, now players are able to purchase common and rare multiverse items, available not only for CryptoFights but also for the rest ENJ Powered games available in the Multiverse network.

Prices start for as low as 0.075ETH and it is expected to end in ten days. All of the pre-sale items are limited edition that will not be offered again in the future. Players enjoy true ownership and they can either hold or sell them in the marketplace.

Acted professionally

CryptoFights have completed the refund process and the difference in price has already been sent to the wallets of previous buyers. Once again, Multiverse games prove that the community is far more important than profits.

Join the CryptoFights Presale.

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